5 Ways to Get New Patients by Publicly Recognizing Your Staff

 A Happy Staff Means More Patients

images (59)One of the most overlooked source of new patients is sitting right there beside you. Your staff, if creatively taken care of, will talk endlessly about you and their office.

Each enthusiastic staff member adds a huge circle of influence to your referral base. Enroll your staff with recognition in public and watch the referrals roll in.

When you have achieved a goal in your practice, it is routine to give a pay check bonus. Lovely, deserved and the thrill wears off around month three. The bonus then becomes expected and isn’t talked about to anyone and may even cease to motivate.

However, bonuses that are unexpected, irregular and public, serve a dual purpose. Public rewards are reinforced by the visibility and feedback. Thus they are far more effective for the recipient. Would you rather receive an Academy Award in your office? Or in front of the world?

Public rewards put both the recipient and the benefactor onstage. Thus, if you reward your staff publicly, you and your office are recognized publicly.

Here are five ideas to reward your staff publicly and at the same time gain public exposure for your office

  1. Bag of Silver: At midday (have your scheduling person book off 1 hour for a specialimages (57) ‘meeting’) reward each staff member with a brightly colored bag containing 100 -$1 coins.

Send them to a busy mall with the instructions that they have 1/2 hour to spend it. Make sure they are wearing their name tags and office togs for maximum visibility. The buzz they create will bring a lot of publicity. It will generate much more enthusiasm from your team than a $100 bonus simply added to their pay check.

Make sure the event is videod/photographed for your social media

2.) Limo to Lunch – Have a limo pick-up your staff for a surprise lunch in a busy restaurant. Make sure there are your logo balloons, flowers or something appropriate to the occasion at the table. Depending on the bonuses earned you may want gift cards / cash in envelopes at each place setting.  

3.) Manicure / Pedicure: Book midday in a large busy shop. These shops are filled with fedownload (41)male chatter. Generally, this will be the demographic you are after. Having all of your surprised female (or willing male:) staff in at once will create a lot of buzz in the shop. Your staff will continue talking for the next few days.

4.) Scavenger Hunts: Send the team off on a scavenger hunt with the reward being their bonus. Pick a high traffic area. Involve local businesses for clues and prizes. Consider joining with other complementary health care businesses to get cross promotions.

5.) Show Up Unannounced – Become involved in who your staff really are outside of the office. For example: My office manager was a serious compimages (58)etitive marathoner. After one race, I and a number of our team surprised her at the finish line with flowers. I received a rather sweaty hug. This was captured by the local newspaper photographer. The caption in the next day’s edition was  ‘Dental Office Manager Wins!!’ Say no more.

Showing appreciation for your staff in public, and the public will quickly gain a recognition and appreciation for you.